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Description: Code Domain Error
Library: 3GPPFDD 10-99, Measurement
Class: SDFWCDMA3G_CodeDomainErr

Name Description Default Type Range
StartSym start symbol 2560 int [0, 10000]
SymBurstLen number of symbols within burst to be measured 2560 int [1, 10000]
SampPerSym number of samples per symbol 16 int [1, 512]
SymDelayBound upper bound of delay detection, in terms of symbol 0 int [-1, 1000] †
NumBursts number of bursts to be measured 1 int [1, ∞)
ScrambleType scramble code type: UL_long, UL_short, DL UL_long enum  
ScrambleCode index of scramble code 0 int [0, ∞)
SF spreading factor 256 int [1, 512]
† -1 means no synchronization is needed

Pin Inputs




Signal Type



signals to be measured for EVM




reference signals for EVM measurement


  1. This subnetwork is used to calculate the 3GPP code domain error. The schematic for this subnetwork is shown in the following figure.
    Each firing, one token is consumed.

    WCDMA3G_CodeDomainError Schematic
  2. SF specifies the code layer on which the code domain error is calculated. ScrambleType and ScrambleCode identify the scramble code used to de-scramble the error vectors.
  3. Code domain error is the projection of the error vector over each OVSF code on the specified layer. The error vector is defined as the difference between the reference and the tested signal. The tested signal is compensated by origin offset, phase shift and frequency and phase error.
    Code domain error is calculated on the I and Q channels.
    The algorithm used to calculate code domain error is defined in Annex B.2.7.2 of [1].

  1. 3GPP Technical Specification TS 34.121 V 3.2 "Radio transmission and reception (FDD)" Release 1999.
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