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TDR and S-parameter Simulations of Microstrip Step Discontinuities

Location: $HPEESOF_DIR/examples/RF_Board/TDRmeas_vs_model_prj


This project compares measured and simulated results for a microstrip step discontinuities. Both time domain reflectometry (TDR) and S-parameter simulations are shown.


  1. "TDR_transient.dsn" is used to simulate the TDR response. The TDR measurements were made using the HP54120 and normalizing the step source to a 45 picosecond rise time.
  2. SP_freqsweep.dsn is used to calculate the frequency response. The response is also transformed into time domain.


Figure 1: Comparison of TDR responses.

Figure 2: comparison of TDT responses.


  • Simulation controllers used: S-Parameters, Transient.
  • The test microstrip is fabricated on 59mil FR-4 material.
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